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Great websites are able to express what you and your brand are all about and convert clicks into leads. Does your website make someone want to pick up the phone and call you to take that next step? If not we can help you change that. There is an art to creating great websites that not only have form and beauty, but also function seamlessly. Our team can take your website to this level, making it appealing, responsive, and engaging for you and your audience.

Computer Development Systems, LLC can help you design, develop, and manage your website to meet the needs of your customers, and even your workforce. We take the time to listen and provide 1-on-1 consultations, working with you, to develop the best possible website at affordable prices. Present yourself and your business in the best light possible, and then sit back and watch how it makes a difference in your business.

We offer flexible and affordable website packages starting as low as $1,195, including custom graphic design to portray your company image, page creation and formatting for up to five pages, and written content for each of the initial five pages.

Elements of a successful website to think about:

  • Stay true to your brand. Pick a theme that goes with your overall branding strategy and don’t stray from that theme. If aren’t happy with your current branding and graphic design, the best time to make a change is when you change your website. Start out with a whole new look and feel when you go live with your new website!
  • Do your research first. If you already have a website, take the time to really determine which parts of your site are successful and which ones aren’t working so well. Get a few honest customers and coworkers to review your website and provide their opinions and ideas. Also, peruse your competitor’s websites and see what you like and dislike. What you like or dislike is probably what your users will also agree on. Pull together some ideas of websites and elements that you like and start mapping out the information and ideas you want to portray within your new site design. This will really save you time and effort in the long run, as well as achieve an end result you will be thrilled with.
  • Keep it clean and easy to navigate. If someone can’t find something easily, they will give up and go elsewhere. A general rule of thumb is ‘3 clicks or less’ to get to where you want to go.
  • Be proactive. Think about all of the things a potential client would want information on and take the time to put that into your website content arsenal. Don’t worry about doing it all at once. Start small and get the most important content up first and grow your content as time permits.
  • Show your achievements. Put your affiliations and community involvements on your site to build trust and admiration with potential clients. Keep the public informed of your new skillsets as you achieve them.
  • Brag a little. There is no reason you can’t give credit where credit is due. Put testimonials on your site from current clients, and try to win some “wow” points from your successful projects.
  • Put a little personality into it. If your website is too “vanilla”, the potential client may get bored quickly and go elsewhere. Pizazz goes a long way, but adding the human touch to reveal some of your warm personality can go even further. Your customers, and potential customers, want to know they are working with a person, not just a company.
  • Differentiate. Focus on what makes your business different from other local area businesses in your market. Feature those points prominently and give them reason to choose you over the next guy.
  • Capture their info. Information about you and your company is great, but what does the potential customer do next? While the customer feels good about your products or services, make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Add all of your social media icons and create a contact form or a sign-up form for an email list, RSS Feed. Continue to draw them in by dangling carrots like offering coupons, free ‘Reports and Tips’ newsletters, or other items through the sign-up forms to get their contact info, while making it worth their while.

It’s easy to get started. Call or email us today about how we can help you with your website!

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