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Rates & Support Plans

Open Rate

The Open Rate is our standard hourly rate, which requires no commitment or contract.  CDS invoices the standard billable rate for technical support, development, and consulting services rendered on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is billed in 15 minute increments for all services, except hosting, with a minimum of 1 hour for any onsite work. Travel fees are invoiced at the standard travel rate, and also billed in 15 minute increments with a minimum of 15 minutes. Travel time is calculated to and from our main office for all situations. Consultation services are billed in 15 minute increments with a minimum of 1 hour per consultation. A complimentary 1 hour consultation credit will be applied to the first invoice of any project over $500.00 in service. Travel fees apply to consultation visits.

Essential Monthly Support Plan

The Essential Monthly Support Plan can save our customers up to 26% off of the open rate.  By giving a small hourly commitment to us, we make a commitment to you in a discounted hourly rate.  The best part is if you go over your hourly commitment, your discounted rate continues to apply to any additional hours.  Your are locked into the lower rate for all services.

Our Essential Monthly Support Plan is offered in the following levels:

  Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Monthly Hour Commitment 2 4 8
Discount 12% 19% 26%

Premium Monthly Support Plan

The Premium Monthly Support Plan also saves our customers 26% off of the open rate, however its design is more device driven.  Each piece of equipment is added to the support plan, so service on that device is covered whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours, your rate stays the same.  Any services not on covered equipment or not covered under the service plan are billed at the discounted rate. 

With the Premium Monthly Support Plan, many proactive tasks are performed on the equipment on a regular basis.  Some of these tasks are:

  • Analyze and update your server(s) monthly, and provide a detailed monthly "report card" to identify any issues
  • Cleanup client machines and servers (ie. Disk Cleanup, defrag, etc.)
  • Verify backups have completed properly and test backup data to verify data is recoverable
  • Check event logs on your server(s) monthly to identify any issues
  • Check disk space monthly to ensure system drives are not getting full
  • Reboot networking equipment monthly (depending if desired by customer)
  • Verify Anti-Virus definitions are up to date
  • Verify server(s) hard drive (RAID) status to identify errors
  • Backup network configurations for disaster recovery purposes
Call us to find out which support plan is right for you.
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